MLM Lead System Pro: Did Someone Mention Value?

A couple of months ago, I purchased this online program – it was a website template that comes with review articles of various niche products.  You put up a website with this template and articles to promote the products, and earn commission off their affiliate program.  The subscription was $47 per month if I remember correctly, it comes with two template packages with review articles each month, and a training on how to market it.  It sounded good – all I needed to do was to put it online and follow the training..

As it turned out, the template wasn’t quite as easy to use, their reviewed products weren’t something I was interested in selling, but most of all, I was quite unimpressed by their so-called marketing training, as all it was, was this brief instruction video for pay-per-click advertising.  I was expecting to learn some new marketing technique, so I was disappointed.  I wrote to the support only to receive no response.  Oh well, good thing I can back out on their money back guarantee.. right?  I wrote to them again explaining I wanted to cancel my subscription.  Again, no response.  I ended up charging back the money though my credit card.

MLM Lead System Pro is very refreshing considering my experience, and I was happy to find it.  At $49.97, which is basically for the same amount of money, what you get is like that other niche template on steroids, but then I shouldn’t even put it in the same category.

Tons of Training.  MLM Lead System Pro is a network marketing system.  I’ve done a bit of MLM in the past, and honestly I’m not too crazy about the idea.  What I’m impressed with, and what sets them apart from any of the other online money making programs is their training.  It comes with a choke full of instructional videos, training video library, and several webinar training each week.  That alone will keep you busy.  Their training is something you can apply in any business even if MLM is not your main gig.  They too have a money back guarantee, so in the worst case, you got a lot of free training.  Talk about value for the money or.. for free.

Attraction Marketing.  Speaking of value, that’s exactly what MLSP emphasizes.  They model attraction marketing, which is about providing value and making your customers come to you, as opposed to chasing after them.  You can choose your own level of involvement based on your budget.  They also offer free webinars to non-members.  I’m finding out this was the type of business model I wanted to implement for myself.

Whether you are in network marketing full time or on the side, MLM Lead System Pro is an excellent resource and a wonderful community to be a part of.  If you want to succeed in online business, you will definitely want to at least take the trial so you can have the full access to the system.  What you will learn in this program is invaluable.  I highly recommend you at least grab an access to their FREE marketing training below.

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